Cyprus Center for Cleft and Facial Deformities MEDICLEFT

The only Craniofacial TEAM in Cyprus that includes expert scientists  with high experience in the handling of cases of clefts and craniofacial deformities,  with significantly large number of successful surgeries. The TEAM follows the treatment protocols of EUROCLEFT and of the AMERICAN CLEFT PALATE CRANIOFACIAL ASSOCIATION, of which is an active member.

The Cyprus Center for Cleft and Facial Deformities MEDICLEFT , was founded in 2001 with the support of the late Dr. Alexander Stratoudakis, a world-class craniofacial surgeon, who lodged his vast experience and left it as a legacy to the difficult and important task of the Centre. From the first day of the establishment of the Center, the primary goal was to find the most appropriate scientists who were to become members of the TEAM.

Currently, in collaboration with the Hellenic Craniofacial Center (HCC), the TEAM of scientists of the Cyprus Center for Clefts and Facial Deformities MEDICLEFT is composed by  the following experts:


  1. Christodoulos Laspos, Orthodontist-Specialist in Clefts and Facial Deformities (Limassol, Cyprus)
  2. George Psaras Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon (Limassol, Cyprus)
  3. Costas Alexandrou, Craniofacial Plastic Surgeon (Athens, Greece)
  4. Kanaris Panagopoulos, Neurosurgeon (Athens, Greece)
  5. Zoe Nicolaou, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (Limassol, Cyprus)
  6. Fyras Khalil, Otolaryngologist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  7. Maria Kyriacou Solomonidou, Speech-language pathologist (Larnaca, Cyprus)
  8. Sofronia Stavrinides, Speech-language pathologist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  9. Mando Angelidou, Pediatric Dentist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  10. Stella Ioannou, Pediatric Dentist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  11. Paraskevas Paraskeva, Prosthodontist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  12. Melios Athanasiades, Physical Therapist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  13. Panagos Arvanitis, Ophthalmic Surgeon (Athens, Greece)
  14. Marios Argyrides, Psychologist (Limassol, Cyprus)
  15. Christoula Constantinidou, TEAM Coordinator (Limassol, Cyprus)