7-prosurgical-1“Presurgical orthopedics” begins from the first week of the baby’s life.

The orthodontist prepares the special device, NAM type (Naso Avleolar Molding). The device  is placed in the upper jaw of the baby and helps in the preparation of the surgery on lip and nose that will take place around the third month of the baby’s life. More specifically, this treatment aims at settling the alveolar process and hence in the correction of the dental arch. In addition, it brings  the lips together so the postoperative scar is minimized. Finally, it contributes substantially to the uplifting of the cartilage of the nose for better aesthetic results.


8-prosurgical-2Special device, NAM type (Naso Avleolar Molding)

Step 1: Taking Impression
Step 2: Plaster cast of upper jaw
Step 3: Construction of palatal plate

9-prosurgical-3Special device, NAM type (Naso Avleolar Molding)

Nasal extension
Active parts Soft Acrylic
Palatal plate Hard Acrylic

10-prosurgical-416 February 3 March 10 March 17 March 24 March 20 April 25 May

Brings the lips together
Postoperative scar is minimized

Uplifting of the cartilage of the nose
Better aesthetic results

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