Before Birth
Contact with the MEDICLEFT TEAM and the Treatment Coordinator
Contact with other parents (CHRYSALLIDA & SMILE FOUNDATION)
Genetic tests and contact with psychologist

7 days
Presurgical orthopedics

3-4 months
Lip surgery and tubes in the ears

11-12 months
Cleft palate

4-5 years

Speech Therapy

Orthodontic Preparation for bone graft

9-11 years
Bone graft

12 years
Distraction Osteogenesis

16-18 years
Orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery

18-20 years
Orthognathic surgery

Corrective surgery (lips-nose)

Supervision by a Pediatric Dentist
Supervision by a Pediatrician & ENT

If you have any questions or need additional information about the treatment of clefts, please contact  + 357 25735050 or send us an e-mail at info@medicleft.com.

The TEAM of Scientists of the Cyprus Center for Clefts and Facial Deformities, MEDICLEFT, is at your disposal.